SY 2024-2025 Registration Opens 02/01/2024

How To Register

Steps for Setting Up an Account and Choosing Classes

If your membership has expired, you may renew using the following discount code: excelsior2023reg. For more details, check out the FAQ.

There are two basic steps in order to set up an account and purchase courses for your student(s).

Step 1

Create an account

Setting up an account and payment of the school year’s registration fee are both necessary to participate in Excelsior Classes. The family registration fee is good for the school year for which you are registering and enables you to register your students for any course. Your students will be provided with LMS technology access for the entire school year for which you have registered them.

Create an Account


Create an account by visiting the New Member Sign-Up page.


Click on the “Add to Cart” button to add an account/registration fee to your cart.


View your cart by clicking on the cart icon in the bar at the top of the page.

Complete the Account Details


Click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button and fill out the billing details. New members will be able to create a login password.


In the “Class Assignment” column, enter the parent information in the student fields (you will use these fields later for assigning classes to a student). In the “Date of Birth” field, enter “N/A.”

Finalize and Purchase


Complete the purchase by entering your credit card details or by paying through Paypal.


You will receive an email outlining your user information, including login credentials.


At this point, your account is active. You may login and purchase courses.

Step 2

Purchase Classes

Once you have created an account and paid the school year’s registration fee, you may now purchase classes for students. Parents need to purchase classes for one student at a time using the shopping cart function; in other words, each additional student will require a separate transaction. This will allow the registrar to appropriately place your students in the correct classes.

If your student has documented learning difficulties or challenges, please speak with the teacher prior to registering for any particular class; accommodations must be discussed in advance to determine if the course will be a good fit. Also, please make sure you have taken any required placement exams prior to registration. 

Browse Courses


Log in and browse the Course Catalog, using the filter function to search for classes.


Our Course Planning page provides an overview for how to plan for your classes. Consider the prerequisites listed on the course descriptions and communicate with the teacher regarding any learning differences. Placement exams are available for math, and teachers can provide placement advice. Contact with any questions.


Choose your courses for one student only, adding each of them to your cart.


Once you have added all classes for the student to your cart, click on the shopping cart icon in the top bar to review and manage your cart.

Finalize Details


Upon checkout, complete the Student Details, including your student’s name and personal email. You must provide an individual email unique to your student, not shared with a parent or sibling.*

*The Excelsior Classes Learning Management System requires each user to have a unique and unshared email. A failure to provide a unique email for each student may result in a delay in accessing the LMS at the beginning of classes.

Check Out


Finalize your purchase using any major credit card or PayPal. You will only be charged 30% of the tuition price to hold the seat for your student. Class registration deposits are non-refundable.


The remainder of the tuition will be billed by the teacher(s) as detailed here. Refund and change policies are explained further here.


You will receive an email detailing your purchase. You can review your purchases in your account details.

Repeat Step 2 for each student. If you have questions, please email

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